Antipasto with melon, mozzarella, ham and basil, selective focus






Please inquire for alternate menu suggestions.

Special requests may require separate pricing.

Delivery charges may apply depending on distance to villa.



Starter :

 - Cold tomatoes soup with olive oil, goat cheese mousse with fresh herbs -
 - Cold zucchini soup, black olives mousse
 - Young leaves salad, diced vegetables, tomato vinaigrette
 - Tart pastry with cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano, black olives and olive oil -
 - Salmon Wraps

Main Course :

 - Oven roast farm poultry with gremolata sauce, grilled summer vegetables
 - Leg of lamb with rosemary juice, mashed potatoes with olive oil
 - Fillet of sea bream with fennel and saffron
 - Hamburger and homemade Deluxe potatoes
 - Luberonne Pizza (green and yellow zucchinis, spring onions, farm fresh goat cheese,mozzarella,pine nuts, olive oil)

Dessert :

 - Fresh fruit salad
 - Sorbet and ice cream selection
 - Seasonal fruit tart
 - Cherry soup

Children's Menu :

upon request

Please note : 

Gérald's casual option is delivered meals ready to heat. No service is included in the price 

Price :

45€ per adult
27€ per child

Terms :

Minimum 4 persons requested




Chef Gerald was excellent.

We were very pleased with chef Gerald

Chef Gerald was fantastic! Our communications with him ahead of time were handled quickly and efficiently.
He arrived on time, was an interesting and delightful person as well as an excellent chef. It was a pleasure meeting him and enjoying the beautiful meal he prepared. Definitely a highlight of our stay.

Gerard was quite good

- Chef Gerald prepared our last evening's dinner. It was incredible!!! Elegant and personifying French culinary perfection. Several in the group said that it was one of the best meals they have ever had. And with this group, that is an achievement. Truly a memorable culinary experience!!! (Lucy and I completely agree).

We used the chef service and I would highly recommend it.

We used the chef service (Gerald) twice. Once for meal delivery and the other for full service. Both experiences were good. Gerald is a nice person and cooks very well.

Through Only Provence we hired three different chefs to come to the house and cook for us: Chefs Sophie, Gerald and David. All three were excellent. Our favorite ended up being Chef Gerald who we hired for an additional night.

my sincere thanks for the wonderful job Gerald did looking after my group at Le Petit Hameau recently.
My group were so happy and have very fond memories not just of the wonderful food but Gerald's lovely personality and excellent service.
I would like to arrange his services again for another group next year in Septembe

Gerald really outdid himself, producing a memorable meal for us. He was totally organized and the plates were beautifully decorated with his food. We could not have asked for fresher ingredients or a better menu. And all of this served with delicious wine sitting in the outstanding kitchen by a roaring fire...

We engaged Chef Gerald for a cooking class on our third night. Chef Gerald was personable, patient and humorous as he taught all of us his techniques for Provencal cooking with fresh ingredients. We enjoyed a memorable dinner of salad, filet of beef, fresh vegetables and a raspberry tart for dessert.

Totally off the chart! Cannot believe the fantastic dinners and delightful experiences with all! Biggest grateful appreciation to Louise who is tireless and patient with all arrangements and changes and forever gracious to the utmost!

Had a special celebration in August with Chef Gerald cooking us a meal. Taken unawares - had not expected the food to be of such a high standard - absolutely delicious! Menus for the children aimed right. He concurred that the best 'cave' was that of Chateau la Canorgue. Maybe the chef might advise on wine beforehand / or bring some along?

Chef Gerald prepared a wonderful meal for us. He gave us clear instructions on how to do simple final preparation to enjoy the cold tomato soup, leg of lamb, and fruit tarte. The portions were plentiful--we actually had leftovers that we were able to enjoy.

The chef, Gerald, was wonderful--5 stars! He prepared an extraordinary meal and explained everything in French and English. He brought all his own utensils and serving dishes and cleaned up everything. The food was superb. It was a delightful experience.

We would definitely recommend the villa, the chef and the wine tour to others.

We had an absolutely wonderful evening with chef Gerald and I will be writing to him directly to let him know how happy we were with the whole experience. He's such a great chef and a very personable man who was very patient with us. The food was delicious.