Grape, cheese, figs and honey with a glasses of red and white wine on a stone and wood background




Chef Sophie

Chef Sophie developed her home-cooking service some years ago. She prepares generous and inventive meals which spread the warmth of a homemade French cuisine. Her meals are colorful and she takes care to work with local fresh market products.
In addition to casual meals Sophie also suggests French picnics. A romantic interlude to be enjoyed in the calm and privacy of your garden - simple, casual and very French.  Sharing good moments with your loved ones is the essence of a successful vacation.

Chef Nadège

A truly passionate chef native to the Alpilles, Nadège will be pleased to help you discover the Alpilles and Luberon’s regional dishes. She prepares fresh, seasonal, local Provençal dishes. Nadège is available to cook for you in any of our Alpilles and Luberon properties.

Chef Boris

After many years dedicated the art of table and wine service and having worked alongside renowned chefs at home as a « serial griller » for the Weber company, Boris proposes exceptional regional dishes prepared from only the best hand-picked local products.

Chef Marie

After working for several years in well known restaurants Marie has now settled down as a Private Chef in the Luberon/Alpilles area. She creates all of her menus according to the fresh seasonal products, showcasing the best flavors of each unique season

Chef Gérald

Gerald brings vast experience to the table having held Head Chef positions in gastronomic restaurants all over Europe. He couples his passion for cooking alongside a deep knowledge of the best regional wines.

Chef Rose

From breakfast to dinner, Rose will prepare your meals with carefully selected seasonal fruits and vegetables from local producers. Rose offers many years experience as a cook in private holiday properties--bringing her service, experience and love of regional food to all of her clients.

Chef Saada

I am inspired by the combination of my 2 cultures: North African and Western.
I prepare a healthy cuisine with seasonal produce, selected from local markets and small farmers.
I love French, Provençal and Mediterranean cuisine. I can also offer all kinds of dishes inspired by my travels around the world, particularly Lebanese cuisine. With my dishes and creations, my guests can indulge their sense of taste, perfume and colour.   With my passion for cuisine I invite you to join me on a journey of aromas and flavours.



Jenny is passionate about French and Provençal cuisine.
Having taught herself her skills, she loves nothing better than to bring happiness to your kitchen and to your table.  She can cook for you the best traditional French recipes, including the most elaborate dishes if requested, whilst adapting to the requirements of customers of all cultures.  Her meals will illuminate your stay in Provence, as evidenced by the comments of grateful customers.  Let yourself be tempted, you will not be disappointed!


Chef Julie
Julie’s enthusiasm begins at the Provençal outdoor market in search of fresh, local and seasonal products.
Thanks to her travels to discovering new flavours, she shares her passion for cooking with her healthy and tasty dishes from various gastronomic influences.
After having created and run a restaurant and a cheese dairy, Julie now gives a more exclusive private dining experience and she will of course be able to adapt to any of your culinary requirements.

Charlotte's personalized picnics

« Pique nique was created to bring people together and to create unforgettable moments and memories »

Because every occasion is unique, let Charlotte organize your own tailor-made picnic for each of your celebrations!
Whether it's a picnic in a backpack, for a VERY special occasion, a TO-GO picnic at your favorite spot or why not a casual picnic in the privacy of your garden, Charlotte will know how to adapt and make your day even more special!



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