Antipasto with melon, mozzarella, ham and basil, selective focus




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Dorade cru
Main : oeuf
Pasteque en salade
Fruits rouges


Please inquire for alternate menu suggestions.

Special requests may require separate pricing.

Delivery charges may apply depending on distance to villa.



Starter :

- Marinated sardines fillets with garlic and parsley.

 - Zucchini flowers stuffed with brandade.

- "Pissaladière" pie with garlic green salad (caramelized oignons and anchovies).

- Raw fish carpaccio with lemon, spring onions and cilantro.

- Tomato and Provence herb tart .

- Local fresh oysters marinated.

- Heritage tomatoes, watermelon and basil salad with a curried sheep’s « brousse » cheese and Serrano ham.

- Caesar salad.

- Haddock, black radish and green apple salad with creamy mustard sauce.

- « Anchoïade » ( raw fresh vegetables and anchovy sauce).

- Beetroot and curry goat cream cheese .

 - Green gazpacho and Burrata ( a cold soup of cucumber and mint).

Main Course :

- Oven-roasted pork tenderloin marinated in spices with vegetable.

- Green curry of cheek pig with Basmati rice (spicy).

- Smoked herring, potato salad and onions salad.

- Small vegetables stuffed dishes Provencal style.

- Prime rib with Chimichurri sauce.

- Roast leg of lamb with honey and Provence herbs and roasted carrots.

- Sauteed shrimps with garlic, ginger, cilantro and spring onions.

- Mussels « thaÏ style or Marinière » and roast small potatoes with garlic.

- « Beef Bourguignon style ».

- Stuffed Zucchini Provencal style.

- Crying Tiger (raw marinated beef Thaï style).

- Beef tartare with roasted baby potatoes.

- Pearly cod fish, fresh herbs and roasted vegetables.

Dessert :

- local goat cheese / assortment of cheeses and jam.

- Oranges supremes with honey and pistachios.

- Roasted peach and raw cream.

- Ricotta, red fruit coulis and fresh fruit.

- Mama’s apple tart with raw cream.

-Red fruit Pavlova.

- Pineapple carpaccio with passion fruit and vervain leaves.

- Cold pear compote and fresh « fromage blanc ».

- Fresh strawberries, olive oil and basils leaves.

- Also, why not be tempted by local pastries (Tropézienne tart for example) and ice cream specialties made by local artisans..

Children's Menu :

Upon request

Price :

For up to 5 adults : 385€
From 6 to 10 adults : 655€ ( the cost of a server is included in the price)
For more than 10 guests -- price upon request.

The cost of the grocery listes are to be added to the flat rates. 

Terms :

Same menu selection for the entire table except special dietary needs.
Travel fees may applies.
Menu selections are done according to the fresh seasonal products.   



Julie was fantastic the 3 evening we had and chef Damien was also good.
Julie cooked and served a wonderful meal for us, even providing a separate meal for the children. She was extremely kind and produced such a beautiful dinner.

Food was great by Chef Julie but she was not given proper address and directions and as a result she was late - not her fault.
Hi Louise

Just wanted to tell you that both Julie and Boris prepared excellent dinners and we’re also both very gracious and kind people. We enjoyed it tremendously.
Louise, I wanted to thank you for your help arranging for chefs during our stay in Paradou.  Nadege and Julie were both truly outstanding.  They cooked with care and skill; they were always on time and so friendly and cheerful; and they were very clean.  I would gladly recommend either of them to your customers.  We had a magical time in Provence.  Thanks again!  Bill Plybon

Great chef - Julie Moreau