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Please inquire for alternate menu suggestions.

Special requests may require separate pricing.

Delivery charges may apply depending on distance to villa.



Specialties from Provence

Salade niçoise (often includes tuna, potatoes, olives, tomatoes, eggs, anchovies,and beans)

Named for the coastal city of Nice

Chicken arlésienne (grilled chicken with Provencal spices, eggplant and tomatoes)

Named for the Provencal city of Arles

Crème caramel beurre salé (Caramel custard made with salted butter)


Tielles à la setoise (Tomato and seafood torte)

Named for the seaside city of Sete

Dorade: Roasted fish and small roasted vegetables

Dorade is a local speciality, akin to sea bass or red drum

Fresh fruit medley with fruit mousse


Tarte à la provençale (vegetable tart with eggplant, tomato, zucchini with mesclun salad) 

Lamb slow-cooked for 7 hours with vegetable casserole

Pear Tiramisu


Pissaladiere (flatbread with carmelized onions, olives, and onions)

Chicken cooked in red wine, roasted potatoes

Melted chocolate cake with nuts


Anchovy spread with a basket of raw vegetables

Bean and pesto soup with garlic croutons

Apple tart


Vegetable tartare (a mix of chopped fresh vegetables and avocado)

Bouillabaisse à la marseillaise (fish stew)

Named for the coastal city of Marseille

Fresh fruit salad


César salad (romaine lettuce with croutons)

Aïoli provençal (a traditional dish with boiled fish and vegetables, served with a garlic mayo)

Orange and lavender cake


Vegetable beignet (fried veggie with local Provencal sauce)

Saltimboca à la provençale (veal wrapped with Provencal basil, pesto or capers, mozzarella)

Tiramisu with red fruits

Specialities from Mediterranean and Lebanon 

Vegetable Samosa (fried vegetable triangles)

Tagine (Slow-cooked chicken and vegetables with lemon, honey and ginger)

Rosettes of local melon with white wine grapes


Tomato Gazpacho (a cold soup made with tomatoes and basil)

Sardines stuffed with Chermoula (a Moroccan marinade)

Fresh fruit medley


Tabouleh (Lebanese salad made with bulgar, parsley, mint, etc.)

Kebbé (Lebanese meat and bulgar balls, served with crunchy tahini vegetables)

Baklava (sweet pastry with honey and nuts)


Moroccan Salad (cucumber, tomatoes and onion with vinaigrette)

Couscous royale (Baked chicken, lamb, and merguez sausages served with couscous) 

Assorted oriental sweets

Also :

Saada also provides breakfast service - see pricing below

Children's Menu :

Upon request

Price :

Meals: 450€ + cost of grocery list
Breakfast service 25€/adult + the cost of the groceries

Minimum 6 adults requested. 

Terms :

Price up to 10 adults
From 10 guests--different pricing applies
All service is included in the price