Antipasto with melon, mozzarella, ham and basil, selective focus

Charlotte's personalized homemade picnics 



Charlotte vin Moyenne
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Please inquire for alternate menu suggestions.
Special requests may require separate pricing.
Delivery charges may apply depending on distance to villa.
All picnic options are customized to suit any dietary restriction, food preference, from meat eaters to vegans.

Menu selections are done according to the fresh seasonal products.
Picnics are available year-round. Indoors, Outdoors.
Children's Menu, upon request.



To-Go picnics

"What says summer more than the classic picnic basket and blanket?"


Menu samples - 4 courses

Three color tomato salad/spring onions/cucumber/bell pepper,

- Octopus salad,
- Niçoise salad,
- Lebanese tabouleh,
- Club sandwich selections,
- Eggplant caviar/vegetable dips,
- Vegetable focaccia,
- Tomato/pistou tart,
- Melon/ham,
- Local Goat cheese,
- Tatin tart,
- Strawberries dipped in chocolate


The Easy-TO-GO option includes a wooden crate, your picnic, blanket/tablecloth, eco-friendly dishes, mineral water, wine.

Additional à la carte items also available

Price: 40€/adult - 25€/child - a minimum of 6 adults are requested 



 Backpack picnics - seasonal, local & homemade

"Picnic lunch for nature lovers…"


Menu samples - 3 courses

- 'Pain bagnat',
- French baguette ‘à la Provençale’,
- Spring rolls /beetroot hummus,
- Poke bowl,
- Tomato/ cucumber/ pepper salad,
- Feta salad,
- Brownies,

- Financier,
- Red fruit/muffins,
- Chocolate covered strawberries…


Backpack picnics includes your Picnic ready to eat ! Eco-friendly packaging

Price: 29€/adult - 20€/child - a minimum of 6 adults is requested 



Casual indoor/outdoor picnics at HOME 

"The perfect package for a Gourmet picnic, a Tea party, a Family gathering by the pool, in the garden... a get together with friends!"


Menu samples - 6 courses

- Cucumber gazpacho/fresh mint,
- Ratatouille salad/tomato vinaigrette,
- Red beet tartare,
- Bruschetta/rucula salad,
- Green asparagus pie,
- Marinated peppers in vinaigrette/fresh garlic,
- Provencal aioli,
- Steamed asparagus/poached free-range egg,
- Lamb kebab skewers & yogurt & cilantro sauce,
- Selection of local goat cheeses,
- Melon/watermelon/fresh mint salad,
- Season tart,
- Homemade ice creams/sorbets/cones…


Finger-friendly picnic food, Bites, Beverages…

Price: From 55€/adult - 35€/children - a minimum of 6 adults is requested 



Picnic....for a VERY, very SPECIAL occasion 


"Occasions big and small deserve festive attention"

No matter what you're celebrating we want to be part of the action!

Food as beautiful as its tasty surrounded by a unique atmosphere, Yours !"

"We will gather your preferences for color and style to create a beautifully customized setting for your PICNIC, in collaboration with a wire and visual Artist"


Price : Custom quote on request


All you have to do is show up on your scheduled picnic day and ENJOY !



Hi Charlotte,

I just wanted to share many thanks for the beautiful picnic. The food and presentation was exceptional!
I wish you the best.
Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for such a marvelous and memorable experience. That was the first professional wine tasting for my two nephews (on the couch) and made for a great gift for my dad.
In addition to the beautifully created wines and education, the food was delicious.
Can you please share what flavor the green ice cream was? It looked like a pistachio, but we all thought it tasted like fresh almonds. The kids were very nice to share it with the adults 😉
Warm regards,